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Counselor, MC, LPC

Amy is a state licensed and nationally certified therapist with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and a master's degree in Community Counseling. Amy has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and training in Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Amy enjoys accompanying individuals/couples on their journey in realizing personal goals and growth.

Amy helps couples reconnect and build safe secure bonds. All relationships have times of distress or moments of disconnection and being able to make relationship repairs is vital. Amy works with couples to increase emotional connection and healthy attachment, increase trust and safety, and make repairs.

Amy appreciates the uniqueness of individuals and their personal needs and concerns. She believes her clients already possess the skills and attributes needed to bring about desired change; and that her role as counselor is to help clients increase their awareness of, and build confidence in, their strengths and resiliency during life's challenges.

"Amy is always helping me find a new perspective and outlook at each of my sessions. She is kind, objective, and compassionate. She is the best!"

"I feel safe and understood with Amy. She is gentle but pushes me just the right amount. I appreciate the growth I have been able to make during my time working with her."

"Working with Amy has really helped us see how my wife and I have been caught in negative cycles. It has changed our relationship to learn how to make repairs when we need to. We feel so much closer as a couple."